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An online resource to bring Computing Science alive.

The Computing Science Inside project, CS Inside, provides web based resources for teachers and science communicators to bring Computing Science alive in the classroom. A series of workshops are available that focus on ideas in modern technology and demonstrate to students how these applications and devices work using fundamental Computing Science concepts. Through the workshops pupils will discover the power and excitement of Computing Science. This website provides resources for teachers and science communicators to deliver workshops on Computing Science as well as acitivities which can be tried out by students.

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Computing Science Inside workshops are based upon problem solving activities designed to illustrate concepts in Computing Science and enable pupils to work through popular and useful algorithms. There are also various materials available to aid the delivery of the workshops including teacher guides, pupil worksheets and demonstration materials. As well as the workshop material you can also find further information on the aims of the CS Inside project and the people behind it on this web site.

You can use our website to download workshops and other related materials. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Image: 3D MATIC Research Laboratory, Glasgow


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Project partners include Glasgow University, EPSRC, Edinburgh Royal Society, Setpoint Scotland and Spartan Solutions

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